Welcome to the photo gallery, here you can view images pertaining to artificial organs. However for those of you that are squeamish the following images may not be appropriate, so remember that you've been warned .    

Check out this awesome discussion on artificial organ developments and techniques. What you'll learn here may surprise you greatly. 

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Artificially grown organs would be cool, but would also be kinda of wet and slimy.   

The biggest stride toward synthetic components would deffinatly be the creation of artificial blood.

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    Magnified organs used for research, now that's very cool ! ! ! 

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People were always fascinated with the idea of artificail organs. It was only a matter of time until they decided to take the first leap into a bigger world of new scientific possibilities.    

This is a synthetic organ shaped like a bladder, it was grown in a     lab !!!

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     A possible future of artificial organs doesn't sound bad at all. 

                    Artificial organs are the way of the future.

The biggest problem facing development is the creation of synthetic blood.

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